I Started playing wow back in vanilla, I started with a warrior, didnt get very far (level 14) before quitting, but then I managed to get my second warrior to level 60, I raided through Moltencore, Zul Gurrub, Onyxia, and had started Blackwing lair only just before BC hit, BC was my Prime time, I raided hard, all the way through Kara, Gruul, Mag, SCC, TK, Hyjal and Black Temple (We were second alliance to kill Illidan on my realm – Woot!) but then things fell apart in the sunwell (Brutallus the guild killer)


I returned for each expansion, raided again in WoD and Legion, but am again on a wow break.. for now..


I will likely return for Battle for Azeroth, but am mainly excited for Classic WoW’s Return